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Rated Door Check

Revit Addin - Rated Door Check
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Scans the entire project for rated walls and displays a list of every door that is hosted inside of one.  Only doors in rated walls will appear.  Any wall with a non-empty value in the ‘Fire Rating’ parameter is considered to be rated.

  • Doors found inside rated walls that do not have a value for their fire rating parameter will be highlighted in red.
  • The scan results lists the wall’s rating along with the:
    • Level of the door
    • Type of the door
    • Rooms on either side of the door
    • Values of the door’s fire rating and UL Design # parameters
      • You can edit these values in the results window by double clicking the values. They will be updated in the model once you click ‘OK’.
  • You can export the results of this check to .csv format by clicking ‘Export List’
  • You can show the currently selected door in the model by clicking the magnifying glass.


Video Demonstration

Note: Only the three doors hosted in a rated wall (red in this example) are shown in the results table.  Any wall with a  value for the ‘Fire Rating’ parameter is considered to be rated.



Rated Damper Check

Scans the entire project for clashes between rated walls, ductwork and dampers.  This check must be run from the file that contains the ductwork and dampers.  If very few walls exist in the current project you will be prompted to select a linked file that contains walls.

Revit Addin - Rated Damper Check
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The scan results will list all dampers found in the model along with any clashes between ductwork and rated walls.  If a damper is found that is not inside of near a wall, it will be highlighted in yellow.  Clashes with ductwork and rated walls are highlighted in red.

You can export this list to .csv format by clicking ‘Export’.  Clicking the magnifying glass will open a view containing the selected element.


Code Compliance Settings

Use the settings panel to set the Shared Parameters that the Rated Door Check & Rated Damper Check use.

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Damper Rating Parameter

Select the shared parameter you use to store fire rating values in your dampers.  This is required since families in Revit’s ‘duct accessory’ category do not have a fire rating parameter by default.

UL Design Parameter

Select the shared parameter you would like to use to store UL Design numbers.  This is optional and has no effect on the result of the Rated Door Check.  If you set this parameter you will have the ability to modify it in the Rated Door Check results.