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Countdown Days Since, Days Until (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad) 

Countdown to, and count up from, any important date viewing the time in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years! You can add an UNLIMITED number of events and even set reminders, import from your calendar & customize your background!


How many weeks until my birthday?
How many days since my wedding day?
How many minutes since I was born?

Get a reminder letting you know when your event is right around the corner.

Use your own photos as a background
Choose a unique icon for each event
Choose from 7 time formats (number of seconds left, number of weeks left, etc)

Import events directly from your calendar!

Post to Facebook, tweet, e-mail and text screenshots of your countdowns!



Watch Me Grow!

Mobile Baby Book. Have trouble keeping up with your paper baby book, but have all of your baby’s information on your phone? This is the perfect solution. With this easy to use app you can effortlessly capture and share your favorite moments as your child grows. Watch Me Grow lets you chart your child’s growth, share pictures through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, e-mail or text messages, apply beautiful filters to your images, and add a note with each photo. This Mobile Baby Book does everything a paper baby book does, plus more!  

Stay up to date with all your baby’s information and share it with others.

Free iPhone App - Watch Me Grow!Watch Me Grow!

Watch Me Grow!Watch Me Grow!



Charlotte Revit User Group App (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad)

– View information on past and future meetings
– RSVP to upcoming meetings from your phone or iPad
– Add meetings to your device’s calendar
– Get directions to the meeting location
– Browse local jobs & firms using the software
– Browse software related news feeds and blogs

User Group App



Unit Converter (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad)

Built for iOS 7, this converts the most popular units of distance, volume, time, speed, mass, power, density, pressure, energy and more.


– 19 categories of units

– Contains thousands of combinations

– Choose between multiple themes