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iPhone Countdown App: New Update 3.1.0

We’ve made several changes to our free iPhone countdown app.  We’re also still working towards future updates – have an idea on how to make Countdown Days Since Days Until better?  Let us know.

Here’s what’s new in Version 3.1.0:

  • We’ve fixed a bug that occasionally caused a crash on older devices (iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S only).
  • Your event lists have a new look!
    • They now fill your screen and float above a teal background.
    • If you’ve purchased the Color & Effects Pack, and changed the default color, your background will change also!

iPhone Countdown App Events

    • The new background will also appear in other views throughout the app as well.

iPhone Countdown App Reminders




You can download the current version from the App Store.

Download on the App Store


Countdown Days Since Days Until: Version 3.0 Update!

We’ve just released a new version of Countdown Days Since, Days Until!

We’ve made several changes to both the iPhone & iPad versions of our free app.  We’re also still working towards future updates – have an idea on how to make Countdown Days Since Days Until better?  Let us know.

Here’s what’s new in Version 3.0.0:

  • We’ve added more ways to share your countdowns!
    • You can now post screenshots to Facebook.
    • You can now text your countdowns, including screenshots.
    • You also still have the ability to post to Facebook without a screenshot, tweet with a screenshot, tweet without a screenshot & e-mail your countdowns.

Post Countdowns to Facebook

  • Simplified setting a countdown’s date & time.  No more accidentally changing the date as you scroll.

Countdown Days Since

  • Added support for custom reminders.  You can now set custom alerts to notify you any number of days, weeks, months or years before or after your event!

Countdown Reminder

  • Optimized the countdown view to show more of your pictures.

countdown iphone

  • Event list now shows time in all formats!  If you change the time to display in weeks while viewing an event, it will show weeks in your event list.

Event List

  • Added icons to the settings view & other UI enhancements.

Countdown Settings

  • Added support for Push Notifications.  If you want to be notified of any in-app-purchase sales or app updates you can turn this on.  It’s OFF by default.
  • We’ve also fixed a few bugs.


Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on future updates, provide feedback & get support.  Want to beta test?  Like us on Facebook and let us know.


You can download the current version from the App Store.

Download on the App Store

Countdown Days Since: How to Change the Time Format

The Countdown Days Since Days Until App for iOS can display time in seven different formats:

    • Seconds
    • Minutes
    • Hours
    • Days
    • Weeks
    • Months
    • Years

The default format is Days but you can easily change this for each event by swiping across (left or right) the time as shown below.

Countdown Days Since iPhone App

Each individual countdown automatically saves the format you choose so you can view one in weeks and months in another!


Days Since (Countdown Days Since Days Until) – New Update

We’ve just released a new version of Countdown Days Since, Days Until!

We’ve made several changes to both the iPhone & iPad versions of the app.  We’re also still working towards future updates – have an idea on how to make Days Since better?  Let us know.

Countdown App Screenshot

What’s new in version 2.2.0:

  • You can now attach notes to your countdowns; they can be any text (including emoticons) that you wish to attach to an event. Add & edit notes by:
      • Opening your event
      • Tapping ‘Edit’
      • Tapping ‘Notes’ (just below your background image)
      • When finished just tap ‘Edit Event’ to go back; your note will automatically be saved.

Days Since - Notes ScreenshotDays Since - Notes Screenshot

  • Added more ways to share: You can now e-mail and tweet screenshots!

Days Since - Sharing Menu Screenshot

  • Added additional app font colors, 21 to choose from! (Color & Effects Pack)

Days Since - App Colors ScreenshotDays Since - App Colors Screenshot

  • Added additional snow colors, 30 to choose from! (Make it Snow Pack) 

  Days Since - Snow Colors Screenshot Days Since - Snow Colors ScreenshotDays Since - Snow Colors Screenshot

  • Fixed a calculation bug for events prior to 1946. Did you know you can count up from events as early as 1/1/1?! 


  • Added a new default background image. 

Days Since - Rainbow Screenshot

  • Added links to our Facebook and Twitter pages. 
    • We’ve just launched them, Like & Follow us using the links above!
    • Everyone who likes our Facebook page will be eligible to win a free extras pack!


  • Other minor UI changes.
    • New black navigation bar at the top of the screen
    • Subtle texture added to Settings & Edit Event views
    • New Share button (replacing the Facebook button)
    • Removed shadows from event title text
    • The first time an event is opened, the time format is scrolled to remind the user they can change it.


  • Performance Improvements
    • Reduced memory footprint

Days Since – New Update!

Apple just approved the latest release of Countdown Days Since, Days Until!


What’s new in version 2.1.2:

  • We’ve added a subtle, iOS 7 style, motion effect when viewing a countdown!
    • This is the same effect you see with your app icons on your home screen.
    • Tilt your device while viewing a countdown to try it out!


  • We’ve fixed a bug that prevented a checkmark from appearing next to ‘Remind Me at Event’

Days Since App – Deleting Events

There are two ways to delete an event in the Days Since App for iOS:

  • You can delete events by swiping right to left in your event list.
  • You can also delete events while editing, just scroll to the bottom and tap ‘Delete Event’.
    • These work on both the iPhone & the iPad versions of the Days Since App (Countdown Days Since, Days Until)




Countdown Days Since, Days Until

Days Since App for iOS, Available on the App Store

Days Since App – New Update is Available!

A new update for Countdown Days Since, Days Until is available!

Changes in version 2.1.1 of our Days Since App:

  • We’ve added a sleek new frosted glass background behind you’re time left and event title.

Countdown Days Since, Days Until

  • Added the ability to search your event list.


  • You now have the option to prevent your device screen from locking while viewing a countdown.
  • Minor bug fixes.


Download Now!



Days Since – Redeem Promo Code

Follow the instructions below to redeem a promo code inside the Days Since app.
  • Launch the ‘Days Since’ App
  • Tap the gear in the upper left hand corner.


  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and triple-tap the version number.  In the image below you would need to triple-tap “Version 2.1.2 (1)”.


  • Once you successfully triple-tap on the version label, the redeem promo code dialog will open.


  • Enter the promo code you received and tap ‘Redeem’
    • Note your promo code is case-sensitive
  • Once your code is validated, you will see a message similar to one below.

Promo Code Redeemed

  • If you are unable to redeem a promo code we sent you, please contact us at for support.


Days Since – Color Pack Info

Purchasing the Color Pack will allow you to:
  • Change the app’s text and button colors, there are 21 colors to choose from!
  • Changing the color will change the text and button colors in your event list.
  • Change the button colors and background colors to match.
Magenta Color – Home Screen


Spring Green Color – Home Screen



  • There are 21 colors to choose from:
Days Since Color Pack
Days Since Color Pack (Bisque – Pink)


Days Since Color Pack
Days Since Color Pack (Pink – Yellow)



This will also give you the ability to add these three animated effects to your backgrounds:
  • Add floating hearts to your backgrounds!
  • Add floating stars to your backgrounds!
  • Add a bokeh effect to your backgrounds!


You can activate these effects while editing your event and the app text color can be changed under Settings.


Days Since – Facebook Help

Sharing by Facebook

If you have the Facebook app installed, after tapping share, you will have the ability to:

  • Preview your post
  • Tag friends
  • Add a custom message
  • Choose a location

When finished tap ‘Post’ to add this to your timeline.

iOS Facebook Help
Post Preview

Note: If the Facebook app is not installed on your device you will be unable to preview your post, add a message, tag friends or choose a location.  Once you tap Share a post similar to this one will appear in your activity log.  It will also appear in the news feed for your friends to view but it won’t show up on your timeline.


Sharing by Twitter

Sharing countdowns by Twitter uses the built-in iOS Twitter support. If you’re not already logged in, you’ll need to enter your username and password under iOS Settings > Twitter.

If ‘Tweet Screenshot’ was selected, a screenshot will be attached to your tweet.

Days Since Wedding

Sharing by E-mail

Sharing countdowns by e-mail will attach a screenshot to a new e-mail.