Revit Add-in: Backup Organizer

Backup Organizer

When installed, you will see the following button in the Addins tab of the Revit ribbon.



Revit’s backup files are great for restoring projects but they leave our project folders cluttered and difficult to navigate.  The Backup Organizer add-in for Revit simply moves all backup files to subfolder, leaving only your project files in the original directory.




There are 4 main settings.

ON / OFF Toggle

  • Turn the backup organization on or off.

Folder Name

  • Use the default folder name or create your own.  This is the name of the subfolder that will be created alongside your project files.

Maximum Number of Backups

  • This is the maximum number of backup files to keep (per project).

File Types

  • Optionally choose to organize backups of projects, templates and/or family files.







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