Days Since – What’s New for Version 5.0.0

What’s New in Days Since

Version 5.0.0 updates Days Since for iOS 11 compatibility along with a few notable improvements.


  • iCloud Syncing is here!
    • Your countdowns now automatically sync between devices!
    • All of your countdowns remain private and are only viewable by your iCloud account.
    • For example, once you open Days Since on your iPhone your countdowns will be sent to the cloud. Then once you open Days Since on your iPad the countdowns from your iPhone will automatically appear!
    • Syncing is triggered once the app is opened, re-open the app to refresh your list.
    • Note: Deleting events is not yet synced.  If you delete an event on your iPhone you will also have to delete it from your iPad.
    • If you’re still having trouble, check out or frequently asked questions or contact us.
  • Days Since now has a cleaner look and feel.  We’ve made a bunch of tweaks to the UI to make it easier to use.
  • Added new swipe actions in the countdown list on the iPhone.  Swiping on an event now allows you to:
    • Edit the countdown
    • Add an alert
    • View your alerts for this event
    • View your notes for this event
    • Add  or remove it from the notification center widget (if available)
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while taking a picture.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from editing event titles.
  • Better support for users using 24 hour time.


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