Best Countdown App for iPad

Days Since – What’s New for Version 4.0.0

We’ve just released a new version of Countdown Days Since, Days Until!

What’s New?

New Features
  • iOS 9 ready.
  • iPad version now supports all orientations!

Best Countdown App for iPad

  • Added support for iOS 9 Split Screen mode. (iPad Air 2)
  • Updated the notification center widget!

Best iOS Countdown Widget

  • Added support for multiple events.
  • Updated the widget text so it’s easier to read.
  • Revised the countdown edit screen so it’s easier to use.
  • Added the ability to set a default background image.
  • Added the ability to zoom and crop your background photos before you set them.
  • Included more event icons.
  • You can now swipe left across an event to reset the time, delete it or add it to the widget.

Best iOS Countdown App

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent users from posting to Facebook.
  • Other minor bug fixes & improvements.


We’re continuing to work hard on additional features – device syncing and an Apple Watch app are coming soon!


Download the latest version on the App Store.

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