Days Since – Redeem Promo Code

Follow the instructions below to redeem a promo code inside the Days Since app.
  • Launch the ‘Days Since’ App
  • Tap the gear in the upper left hand corner.


  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and triple-tap the version number.  In the image below you would need to triple-tap “Version 2.1.2 (1)”.


  • Once you successfully triple-tap on the version label, the redeem promo code dialog will open.


  • Enter the promo code you received and tap ‘Redeem’
    • Note your promo code is case-sensitive
  • Once your code is validated, you will see a message similar to one below.

Promo Code Redeemed

  • If you are unable to redeem a promo code we sent you, please contact us at for support.


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