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Sharing by Facebook

If you have the Facebook app installed, after tapping share, you will have the ability to:

  • Preview your post
  • Tag friends
  • Add a custom message
  • Choose a location

When finished tap ‘Post’ to add this to your timeline.

iOS Facebook Help
Post Preview

Note: If the Facebook app is not installed on your device you will be unable to preview your post, add a message, tag friends or choose a location.  Once you tap Share a post similar to this one will appear in your activity log.  It will also appear in the news feed for your friends to view but it won’t show up on your timeline.


Sharing by Twitter

Sharing countdowns by Twitter uses the built-in iOS Twitter support. If you’re not already logged in, you’ll need to enter your username and password under iOS Settings > Twitter.

If ‘Tweet Screenshot’ was selected, a screenshot will be attached to your tweet.

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Sharing by E-mail

Sharing countdowns by e-mail will attach a screenshot to a new e-mail.


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